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Travel with more freedom

The luggage clip that carries your jackets, purses, and bags

Convenience. Is. Everything.

KlipTrip carries your outwear and bags so your hands and shoulders can be free and comfortable. 

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KlipTrip can carry

  • Light jackets

  • Heavy winter coats

  • Suits and clothes on hangers

  • Purses

  • Bags

  • Backpacks

  • Multiple items at once

  • Almost any item that can be hung on the nook or secured in the clip area

About Us

Simple to Use

KlipTrip can carry your things in two ways: the clip and the nook.

How to Use?

Free Your Hands and Shoulders

Use the Nook portion to hang your extra bags, purses, suit hangers, or any other items that will fit.


The KlipTrip frees you from the burden of carrying extra items at the airport or during travel. 

What Travel Looks Like Without KlipTrip


Contact Us

The KlipTrip is protected by a U.S. Patent 
The team is actively seeking business licensing partnerships with suitcase and luggage manufacturers.


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